The Idea

Dollo is and idea that came about at a start up weekend, while there you must come up with an idea and execute on that idea within 3 days. Our plan was to come up with a method for 'distributed manufacturing' that idea has evolved into something new, we take peoples with ideas and connect them with people who can make the CAD files or 3D models. Once you have a finished file we will get you in touch with a local manufacturer who can help you take that file and make it into a working prototype. We are different because we plan on croud sourcing all of our designers and manufactures, this allows us to keep the costs low, and get things done very fast. Also durring the design process we allow users to use "git" this allows a designer or owner to see who did what and when, also you will be able to see all of the old version of your project and you can "fork" other peoples projects so that you dont have to start from the ground up, you can build on the base that other users provide.


Register bellow and we will contact you once we have things read for public eyes! in the mean time you can check out this Demo site to get a understanding of how things work.

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